Jean’s Pick of the Week: Empire of Pain by Patrick Radden Keefe

There are family secrets, and then there are family secrets of the Sackler variety: obfuscations that span years, decades, and even generations; the ramifications of which irrevocably changed the pharmaceutical industry, indirectly led to the opioid crisis in America, claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, and shattered families of all racial and socioeconomic backgrounds. These…

Jean’s Pick of the Week: So Many Ways to Lose by Devin Gordon

So Many Ways to Lose is Devin Gordon’s homage to those “Lovable Losers” the New York Mets. This is a team who has made losing into an art form, finding ways to lose even when victory seems imminent. Sports fans who have ever rooted for a team only to see imminent victory crumble before their eyes will laugh at, and relate to, the many disasters that have befallen the Mets. An interesting and funny read perfect for fans of America’s favorite pastime.