Karen’s Pick of the Week: Chrysalis by Lincoln Child

With high-tech suspense and intricate plotting – it’s time for enigmalogist Jeremy Logan to save the day and prevent a thousand people from dying in Chrysalis by Lincoln Child.  Logan is not an expert in virtual reality, but when he is called to help find the extortionist who has already killed one board member and is threatening to kill more, he is ready for the challenge.

Lincoln Child

Chrysalis is a fascinating company, housing all it’s employees in one large community in a ring shaped structure hidden from the world.  Employees have no need to leave the complex, everything they could possibly want is available here, even restaurants, work out gyms, and theatrical performances.  This makes it so much easier to protect against corporate espionage.  Yet, somehow, someone knows all about the upcoming release of a new virtual reality product which will change the future of marketing more than Amazon did! 

The clock is ticking, a threatening e-mail is demanding money, or clients who have been sent the new product for beta testing will be killed in three days.  As more people die, evidence that the threat is very real, Jeremy Logan, starting from scratch,  immerses himself in the workings of Chrysalis and the events leading up to each death.  Each murder looks different but somewhere there must be a connection that will lead to the solution of the problem.

When I first listened to Chrysalis @libro.fm I realized this is a book my husband would also enjoy.  In the past we have shared a passion for the Dirk Pitt, Numa Files, and Oregon Files books from Clive Cussler.   If you like these series, I suggest you give the Jeremy Logan series a try.  This is book six, but you don’t need to start with book one to understand what is happening.

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