It’s the Fourth of July

Fireworks, barbecues and picnics, parades…what’s all the fuss about? Here are some books and movies we’ve recently added to our shelves about the Revolutionary War. Click on the titles to check availability in our catalog.

The Big Picture
1774 : The Long Year of Revolution by Mary Beth Norton
The American Revolution : A World War edited by David K. Allison and Larrie D. Ferreiro
The British are Coming : The War for America, Lexington to Princeton, 1775 – 1777, by Rick Atkinson
The Cause : The American Revolution and Its Discontents, 1773 – 1783, by Joseph J. Ellis
Winning Independence : The Decisive Years of the Revolutionary War, 1778 – 1781, by John Ferling

From Other Perspectives
Black Patriots : Heroes of the Revolution (DVD), narrated by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
The Indispensables : The Diverse Soldier-Mariners Who Shaped the Country, Formed the Navy, and Rowed Washington Across the Delaware by Patrick K. O’Donnell
Liberty is Sweet : The Hidden History of the Revolution, by Woody Holton
Will of the People : The Revolutionary Birth of America, by T. H. Breen
Women in the American Revolution : Gender, Politics and the Domestic World, edited by Barbara B. Oberg

Family Affairs
American Rebels : How the Hancock, Adams and Quincy Families Fanned the Flames of Revolution, by Nina Sankovitch
The Boston Massacre: A Family History, by Sarina Zabin
The Howe Dynasty : The Untold Story of a Military Family and the Women Behind Britain’s Wars for America, by Julie Flavell

The Business of War
The Founding Fortunes : How the Wealthy Paid For and Profited From America’s Revolution, by Tom Shachtman
George Washington, Entrepreneur : How Our Founding Father’s Private Business Pursuits Changed America and the World, by John Berlau
The Leadership Secrets of Hamilton : 7 Steps to Revolutionary Leadership from Alexander Hamilton and the Founding Fathers, by Gordon Leidner

The Compleat Victory : Saratoga and the American Revolution, by Keven J. Weddle
The Road to Charleston : Nathanael Green and the America Revolution, by John Buchanan
Valcour : the 1776 Campaign that Saved the Cause of Liberty, by Jack Kelly

The Education of John Adams, by R. B. Bernstein
Hero of Two Worlds : the Marquis de Lafayette and the Age of Revolution, by Mike Duncan
The Patriots : Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and the Making of America, by Winston Groom
Revolutionary : George Washington at War by Robert L. O’Connell
Washington (DVD)

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