Happy Birthday, Abe!

February 12 is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Born in 1809, he’s lookin’ pretty good for 212!

If you’re a fan or would like to learn more about Lincoln, here are a few recent additions to our shelves that you might enjoy. Click on the title of each book to find it in our online catalog.

For a look at Lincoln through the eyes of his contemporaries, read
Lincoln and the Abolitionists by Fred Kaplan
Six Encounters with Lincoln by Elizabeth Brown Pryor
They Knew Lincoln by John E Washington

Maybe you’d enjoy reading about Lincoln’s White House experiences:
Every Drop of Blood: the Momentous Second Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln (also available as an eBook in cloudLibrary and hoopla) by Edward Achorn
The Last Weeks of Abraham Lincoln by David Alan Johnson
Lincoln’s White House by James B. Conroy

Read about our 16th President’s early years.
Becoming Abraham Lincoln by Richard Kigel
Lincoln’s Last Trial: the Murder Case that Propelled him to the Presidency by Dan Abrams and David Fisher
A Self-Made Man by Sidney Blumenthal, Lincoln’s “definitive biographer” and the first of a projected 5-part series

And some DVDs for those of us who prefer visual learning.
The Better Angels, about the formative years of young Abe and the two women who shaped him into the future President (also available as an eVideo on Kanopy)
Lincoln @ Gettysburg (also available as an eVideo on Kanopy)
Stealing Lincoln’s Body. Yes, someone actually tried to kidnap Abraham Lincoln’s body from his tomb

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