Workshop@home: DIY Mini fabric lamps

It’s time once again for another installment of my Workshop@Home series, where I provide inspiration and instructions for all your crafting needs! It’s been a bit grey out recently (at least it has been when I was typing this) so I thought I’d brighten things up with this cute craft idea for mini fabric lamps I found a while back.

Materials List


  • Clear plastic cups
  • Power drill or scissors
  • Fabric scraps
  • Fabric template
  • Iron and ironing board
  • A string of low-heat lights
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush


1.  First you’ll take your clear plastic cups and, if you have a drill, drill a hole into the bottom while they’re still stacked (it’ll save you a bit of time). If you don’t have a drill, just use a pair of scissors to punch a small hole in the bottom of the cups.


2. Once you’ve got your plastic cups ready, take your scraps of fabric and iron them so they’ll stay flat while you’re cutting them and will fit better on the cups.

3. Here is where the fabric template in the materials list comes into play. The template is for 9oz Hefty Brand cups, so if you’re using a different  you may need to tweak the dimensions a bit. If you have a cutting mat like in the picture, great, and if not you can just lay the template over your scraps and cut them out on a table.


4. Next, take your plastic cups and cover them with Mod Podge before wraping the fabric around them. Don’t worry if you have a little excess fabric, you can either cut it off or use a bit more Mod Podge on the lip of the cup to glue it down.


5. Let the cups dry for about a half-hour or so…


6. And finally, push the lights into the holes in your cups (making sure that the lights stick out enough so they’re not touching the plastic of the cups, because even low-heat lights still give off some heat), then string them up.


7. Conragulations, you’ve got yourself a nice hand-made decoration that will brighten up your day!

main cup graphic

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