Workshop@home crafts: Yarn Chandelier

Welcome back for another installment of my Workshop@Home series, where I provide step-by-step instructions for easy-to-do DIY crafts! Today I’ll be walking you through the process of making cute yarn chandeliers that’ll be the perfect new decoration for anywhere in your house/apartment! I got the idea for this project from the crafting blog Hostess with the Mostess, so head over there if you’re looking for inspiration for more cute and easy-to-do crafts!

Materials List

materials list

  • Yarn
  • Glue
  • Corn Starch
  • Vaseline
  • Scissors
  • Balloons
  • Bowl for Mixing
  • Plastic trash bag or disposable plastic tablecloth
  • A pole or dowel rod to hang the balloons from


1. Blow up your balloons to whatever size you want your chandeliers. 


2. Next, you’ll want to want to put together your work area. Since this can get a bit messy, you’ll want to place a trash bag or a tablecloth of some kind on your floor. Once you’ve done that, use your yarn and tie the balloons you’ve blow up to the pole or dowel rod. Making sure that the balloons are far enough apart that they’re not touching, use a couple of chairs to hold the pole off the ground.


3. Carefully cover each balloon in a light coating of petroleum jelly. This will keep the yarn from sticking to the balloon.

4. Take your mixing bowl and mix in about half a bottle of glue with 1/2 cup of cornstarch and approx. 1/4 cup of water. If you feel it’s too runny, you can add a bit more cornstarch and glue to get a thicker consistency.


5. Now comes the fun/messy part! Dip the yarn into the mixture and, squeezing out the excess, carefully wrap the balloon vertically before going back around horizontally. Once you’ve covered the balloon, cut off the excess yarn and tie it off near the balloons stem.


6. Allow yarn chandeliers to hang for 24 hours in a dry. Do not attempt to shorten this process! Once you’ve given it enough time to dry, pop the balloon (I’d suggest using a pin for this part).

7. Pull the remains of the balloon out and you’ve now got yourself a cute new chandelier you can show off during your next zoom meeting with your family and friends!

finished product



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