Workshop @ home crafts: DIY Baby Yoda Plush Keychain

May the Force be with you! I thought I’d do something Star Wars-themed in honor of today’s date, to for this installment of Workshop@home I’ll be showing you how to make your own Baby Yoda plush keychain. Today’s project comes from Nutty Crafter’s Youtube channel, who’s got a number of neat craft projects if you want to check them out.

Materials List

  • Template
  • Green, light brown, pink, and black felt Felt
  • Green, light brown, pink, and black Thread
  • Black ribbon
  • Stuffing
  • Sewing needle
  • Key chain
  • White acrylic paint
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • UHU all-purpose adhesive
  • Paintbrush/toothpick to make the highlight of the eye


1. Print off the template then, laying it down on the green felt, trace around the edges.


2. Once you’ve traced the template, cut out two copies of the shape using the green felt.


3. Next, take the smaller part of the template and again cut out two copies using the pink and light brown felt. You’ll be using these for the plush’s ears.


4. Lining up your pieces, use your matching light brown thread, and sew around the edges of the brown piece. Pull the needle through to the back, tie the thread off, then cut the excess.


5. Take the black felt and cut out two eyes. Once you’ve cut them out, take the white acrylic paint and using a paintbrush or toothpick, add a white spot to each eye.


6. It’s sewing time again. Take your black matching thread and repeat step 5, this time for the eyes.

7. Grab the black ribbon and tie it so there’s a loop at the end. Cut off the excess then using the UHU all-purpose adhesive, glue it onto the second body shape that doesn’t have the face details stitched onto it.


8. Once the UHU all-purpose adhesive has dried, use the green matching thread to sew the two pieces together, adding stuffing as you sew. If you’re having trouble getting the stuffing into the body, you can always use a pencil or, if you have some lying around, a chopstick to push the stuffing in.


9. Take the brown felt and cut it into a 3.45″x2.16″ rectangle. Fold the top part so there’s a slight overlap, then wrap your baby Yoda snuggle in their new robe!


10. Great, you’re almost done! Once you have the robe size up, cut a small slit on either side for their hands to go through.


11. Once you have the rob in place, use the black thread to sew it shut near the collar.


12. Now all you have to do is add the key chain and you’ve got an adorable new ornament to celebrate May the 4th!

yoda finished product

One thought on “Workshop @ home crafts: DIY Baby Yoda Plush Keychain

  1. You’re doing a great job of sharing craft ideas that are fun and easy to do at home – congrats! Your photos are much appreciated too. Thank you, Joe!


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