Workshop @ home crafts: DIY paper tulips

Looking for an easy-to-do craft to keep the kids occupied and bring some spring colors inside? Well, you’re in luck! As part of the first installment of a series I’m calling Workshop@Home, I’ll be walking you through the process of how to make beautiful paper straw tulips that you can make with materials that you should be able around your house! I got the idea for this project from one of my favorite crafting blogs,, so head over there if you want more cute and easy-to-do crafts!

Materials List


  • Tulip flower pattern
  • Straws
  • Construction paper
  • Hole Punch
  • Green paint or markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick


1. First, print off the tulip flower pattern and cut it out. If you don’t have a printer, just draw one on scrap paper. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be perfect! Once you’ve done that, trace your tulip flower onto colored construction paper, making as many as you want. Cut out the tulip flowers.


2. Next, fold the flower accordion-style so that it has four folds in it. Punch a hole in the center of the folded flower with your hole punch. If you don’t have a hold puncher, just use your scissors to make the hole.


3. If you don’t have straws that are already striped, use green paint or markers to put stripes on it!

4. Now, using the green construction paper, cut out a couple of leaves. From there, unfold the tulip flower and fit your green straw in and out through the holes of the tulip.


5. Great, you’re almost done! Just glue the leaves to the bottom of your straw and you’ve got a cute, spring-y tulip that’s perfect to decorate your house and/or apartment! I hope you enjoyed this first installment of Workshop@home and that you’ll join me next Monday for another installment of easy at-home crafts!







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