Genealogy Networking Group March Wrap-Up

We met at Aspen Drive Library on March 5 and covered a lot of ground.

A couple of people had had the opportunity to re-examine their research, and in both cases this second look brought them new information. Lesson learned: go back and look your research over a second time.

We wend over the immigration process and discussed a couple of relevant websites:

  • Olive Tree Genealogy, which has links to an amazing group of free helpful genealogy websites, covering immigration and other topics. We decided it’s kind of like Cyndi’s list, only not as wide ranging.
  • One-Step Web Pages by Stephen P. Morse will help you search immigration databases, both free and fee-based. Use his special search forms for the Ellis Island site as well as sites with passenger lists.

FamilySearch is touting its new Explore Historical Images search feature. We decided that it’s not much better than searching the catalog by place name, and most of us prefer the latter option. Any thoughts? Leave them in the comments below.

Our next Genealogy Networking Group meeting will be on April 2 at the Cook Park Library at 7 p.m. It’s not too early to Register! And if you’d like to subscribe to our monthly newsletter with all the latest program information, click here. (Enter your email address at the top and click “Genealogy.”)

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