Aspen’s New Recording Studio

#Sameplacemorespace has finally come to fruition after nine exhausting and exciting months! With the plethora of added study spaces, a skylight in the children’s wing, and a new area just for high school teens, it’s hard to imagine what more the improved Aspen Drive could offer!

Studio 1 at Aspen is a wonderful resource if you’re looking to record vocals or instruments. It offers a sound isolation booth with Blue Yeti microphones, Audio-Technica headphones, and a Behringer UMC404HD Audio Interface. These allow you to record crisp vocal audio as well as instrument sound. The studio even provides an M-Audio keyboard that can create many different sound effects from a classic piano to a guitar to a drum kit!

If you’re not looking to record anything, the iMac desktop found at both studios has software for coding, video chatting, DVD/CD burning, screen recording, editing video, and digital drawing. For a full list of the devices and software we offer in the different studios, check out the Digital Studios page of our website!

Reserve time in Studio 1 at Aspen today! You can do so one week in advance. Note, there is a 3 hour limit per day and a maximum of four people can use the studio at any one time.

If jumping in feels daunting, please sign up for one of the many workshops we offer! Learn how to convert photos and slides, digitize video, and setup a recording session! All that and much more available on our events calendar. Take a look!

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