Not Your Grandmother’s DAR

On February 21, Michelle Wilson will be at the Cook Park Library in Libertyville at 7 p.m. to help us find out more about applying for membership in a lineage society. Wilson is the Registrar for our local Ansel Brainerd Cook Chapter of the DAR so she will focus primarily on the DAR but will speak to other societies as well. She will bring a guest to tell us more about the DAR as a service organization and the volunteer work of their members.

The DAR, or Daughters of the American Revolution, is a lineage society that requires prospective members to submit genealogical proof that they are directly descended from an American soldier or patriot. There are other lineage societies that ask members to trace their genealogy back to participants in other historical events, such as the Mayflower, the Alamo, or the Jamestown settlement,

Tracing your ancestry back that far may seem overwhelming, but with a little bit of knowledge and some sweat equity you may just find a connection to one of these lineage societies.

Join us for an informative evening and see where your genealogy research can take you! Register from this weblink or call 847-362-2330 to register by phone.

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