Coming to Cook: New Realities

Are you looking for a bit of adventure this dreary season but can’t afford to spend time or money on a vacation? Look no further than your local library, CMPLD, to transport you to another world: the world of virtual reality. The Workshop, located downstairs at the Cook Park Library, offers not one but three different exploration goggles to take you from Libertyville to limitless worlds.

There is the Oculus Go

PlayStation 4 VR

and Google Cardboard

Each headset essentially does the same thing. The viewer holds the piece up to their eyes or wears it as goggles and can either play a game or simply walk around in a new, 3D world.

Google Cardboard is the simplest of the headsets as its name suggests. It functions through one’s Android or iPhone through the Cardboard app or various other VR apps. Patrons will be asked to use their own mobile devices while participating.

Similarly, Oculus Go works from the Oculus app and is necessary to connect to the device.

The PlayStation VR is the only one that requires a gaming system along with the equipment which the library provides for in-library-use. Equipment cannot be checked out at this moment.

Workshop open lab hours will be 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. starting January 12th at Cook Park Library. The Workshop is in the Lower Level by the Teen Zone. Feel free to come and explore!

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