Libertyville’s World War I veterans

At the beginning of 2018, we started profiling World War I veterans with a Libertyville connection – those who were born in Libertyville, were residents at the time of enlistment, or those that settled in town after the war. We profiled eight of the around 200 veterans that have been identified through newspaper articles,, high school yearbooks, the Lakeside Cemetery Veterans Memorial Monument, and the American Legion.

The 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, commemorated this year on November 11 to mark the armistice signed between the Allies and Germany for the end of hostilities on the Western Front of World War I, is the perfect opportunity to honor all of the Libertyville WWI veterans identified so far.

In the future we would like to profile more of these soldiers. Please contact Jenny Barry,, at the Cook Memorial Library if you are interested in helping with this project, have any information about the people on the list or have names to add to the list.

Libertyville World War I Veterans

Allen, John Keller, Joseph B.
Alkoler, Simons Kellner, Charles Foster
Amann, Lee Kennedy, Edward G.
Armstrong, William Kennedy, Frank
Ashmeade (Ashmead), Benjamin Kennedy, Raymond A.
Attridge, Wilbur Knigge, Clarence
Baldwin, Richard W. Knigge, Claude
Barnett, Jesse Knigge, Glenn Harold
Barnes, L. H. Koehlman, Louis F. (or C.)
Barrett, Ernest Kranz, Raymond
Bartlett, Helen Kroll, Stanley J.
Beckwith, Elmer Larsen, Louis
Beitzel, W. Lawrence, Guy Loftus
Bernard, Charles M. Lightbody, Frank
Biere, William J. Lightbody, Walter
Billinski, Justin B. Litweiler, Ralph
Bock, Kenneth Lovell, Clarence
Bockleman, Frederick B. Lovell, Harold
Bond, Robert B. Lovell, Kenneth
Bowman, Charles E. Lovell, Wendell
Boyd, Clarence (Chick) Luebbe, William
Boyd, Joseph Lundstrom, Hilding
Bradford, Jack Haines MacChesney, General Nathan W.
Breen, Robert Madole, Norman
Brookhuism, Richard Mancjak, Joseph
Brown, Bayard Martin, Frederick
Brown, Clyde Mathis, Frank
Brown, Ernest Mason, Frank E.
Brydon, Thomas Mason, Mac
Bulek, Tiffon E. McCarthy, Leo M.
Burridge, George McLaughlin, Howard
Bush, John Francis McCormick, John
Butler, Horace Lund McDonald, Charles E.
Cairns, Jay Meyer, John D.
Campbell, George Meyer, Walter J.
Carlson, Berger Melloy, Alex (Allie)
Carlson, Carl Moffett, Ernest B.
Carlson, Fritz Theo. Meyers, Arthur G.
Carney, Fred J. Morris, (William) Howard
Carr, Floyd Moss, Harvey
Casey, Fred Moss, Jesse
Cherenovich, Nick Muelke (Muhlke), Orrin
Clarke, Frank Neville, Mark

Nickoley, William

Nicoloff, John

Coleman, R. C. Nutt, Raymond

Olendorf, Harry

Collins, Dale Packer, A. O.

Petges, Frank

Connors, Edward C. Pierce, E. Orson
Cowels, Lawrence Proctor, Morris (Maurice) E.
Cruickshank, W. Prosser, Byron R.
Culbert, Harry Austin Protine, Fred
Davis, William Charles Protine, Phillip
Davies, Victor Reilly, Austin
Delacy, Tom Richter, Rudolph
Demlow, Lester Christopher Riddle, Vernon Wayne
Dennison, Lyman G. Robbins, Horace Wyker
Dieckman, George Sandy, William J.
Dodenhoff, George Schotanus, Herman
Domsalla, August

Dowden, Hubert C.

Schroeder, Harry
Dowden, William H. Seiler, Henry A.
Drury, Lee B. Sellick, Albert George
Dunn, Clark Shaft, Arthur
Elfering, John Henry Shelton, Martin
Ellis, Albert G. Shipler, Clair L.
Ellis, Edward Shoeffel (Schoeppel), Thomas C.
Ellsworth, Lucian Simmons, Charles Benson
Ellsworth, Mark Skidmore, Henry David
Englebrecht, Herman Smith, Forest
Faulkner, Richard Smith, Fred Henry
Faust, Clifford E. Smith, Harry W.
Firnbach, Oscar Nick Smith, William J.
Flagg, Howard W. Spool, Harry
Flagg, Russell Staplin, Richard
Fleming, Mr. Staplin, William
Follett, Percy St. Clair, Edward
Franzen, E. H. Steadman (Stedman), George
Frazell, Willis C. Steele, Roy Alvin
Frear, Albert Steir, Bert H.
Gaugar, J. F. Stolzman, Elmer
Gavin, Edward Strang, Harold
Goldenberg, Irving Suydam, Thomas
Gorman, James Taylor, (John) Lloyd
Gotti, Harry Taylor, Truman
Gotti, Hugo Tegtmeyer, F. S.
Green, Charles Ernest Thomson, Forrest
Greenwood, Arthur Thompson, David R.
Grinnell, Guy Thompson, Reginald
Haggerty, M. S. Throgmorton, J. N.
Haggerty, William E. Tripp, Lyle
Hansen, Pete Turnbull, John
Hapke, Clarence Underbrink, Henry E.
Harding, Frederick Vipond, George Emerson
Helfer, Harry H. Waldo, (Abner) Weston
Hollands, Albert Victor Waldo, Marshall
Horn, C. W. White, Norman
Hoskins, Charles C. Wilcox, Morris
Hubbard, Glenn

Huber, Frank A.

Williams, (Thomas) Lloyd
Hutchinson, Charles A. Wilson, Joseph J.
Jacobs, Fred Wogoman, Forest M.
Johnson, Arthur P. Wray, Wilbur Elwood
Johnson, William Wright, Robert
Just, LeBarr? Yoe, John J.
Kaiser, Earl Young, Charles W.

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