Authors Out Loud: Jenn Segal – Once Upon A Chef

Jennifer Segal is the classically trained chef and busy mom behind Once Upon A Chef, a popular cooking blog where she uses tips and tricks learned in culinary school to create tested and perfected recipes for the often hectic family life.

This year Jenn made the transition from cooking blogger to cookbook author with the Once Upon A Chef cookbook, one of our favorite cookbooks of 2018. The book contains 70 brand new (but still tested) recipes along with 30 of the most popular recipes from the blog, sharing pro cooking tips along the way.

We cover a lot of ground in this interview starting with Jenn’s background and training, why she started Once Upon A Chef, what makes a good food blog, and her dream of publishing a cookbook.

Then Jenn provides expert answers to kitchen questions our librarians have always wanted to ask a professional. Find out Jenn’s go-to midweek meals, the importance of salt, how to handle leftovers, and why you shouldn’t stress out about that Thanksgiving turkey.

Visit Once Upon A Chef.

Check out the Once Upon A Chef cookbook from the library (also available on hoopla).

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