The 10 Most Popular Courses in September allows patrons to access a ton of wonderful courses. Curious minds can be found everywhere but resources needed to apply that curiosity can be pricey. Luckily, Lynda is free to our patrons with a library card!

Lynda is an informative website that provides thousands of courses ranging from computer software to animation! There’s an instructional, captivating, and free(!) course on Lynda for everyone! Whether you’re drawn to more technical subjects such as programming or you care for the creative route like color correction in photography, Lynda has something for you. All you need is a viable Cook library card, a computer, and an internet connection. Check it out!

  1. Word 2016 Essential Training
  2. CySA+ Cert Prep: 1 Threat Management
  3. Cassandra Data Modeling Essential Training
  4. Spring: Spring Data
  5. CySA+ Cert Prep: 4 Security Governance
  6. CySA+ Cert Prep: 6 Security Tools and Practices
  7. Creating Your First RESTful Spring Boot Microservice with JPA
  8. Drawing Vector Graphics Laboratory
  9. Monday Productivity Pointers
  10. CySA+ Cert Prep: 3 Cyber Incident Response

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