Macbook Air Laptop Available for Patron Use

Macbook Air, Anywhere! (inside the library)

Here at Cook Memorial, we care deeply that our patrons are well resourced for whatever work brings them to the library. Along with the computer lab which allows patrons to login to a PC using their Cook Memorial library card and the digital studios which each have a iMac desktop computer filled with various applications for creative work, we also offer Macbook Air’s for use inside the library! This way, if a patron doesn’t want to work in the computer lab and prefers a more private or conversational area of the library, they are free to use the laptop anywhere in the building they please.

The Macbooks provide the Apple iWork suite (Pages, Sheets, etc.) which the computer lab PCs do not. The laptops also have a webcam which makes Skype calls accessible. Check one out, grab a study room, and Skype your business partner, or your mom, with no interruption!  All one needs to check out a Macbook Air for in-library use is a valid Cook library card. Speak with a reference librarian and they will be glad to assist!


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