Record a Skype Session with Ecamm Call Recorder

Among the plethora of helpful resources we provide here at Cook Memorial, Ecamm Call Recorder for Skype is on that list! This application, found on the iMac in Studio A at Cook Park, allows one to record audio and video during a Skype call. Many people use Skype to communicate with educators and officials on important topics. Now, this useful information can be captured and shared with others!


For example, I’m a student at the College of Lake County and recently a genocide historian from Poland Skype video called with students. He lectured about what he has learned after years of research and answered questions about his personal experiences. Opportunities like this don’t come often and being able to record this conversation would have been beneficial for other students learning about similar topics.

This software has been crucial to patrons who want to record a remote interview to add to their podcasts. The library has used Ecamm to record interviews with authors such as Mark Russell, a comic book author who resides in Oregon.


Want to learn more? Below is a helpful video that explains the basics!

And another that explains how to record interviews for podcasts!

Book some time in Digital Studio A (downstairs at Cook) and give the software a whirl!

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