Authors Out Loud: Jac Jemc

Jac Jemc is the author of The Grip of Ita deftly told story about a couple who purchase what turns out to be a haunted house. You may think you’ve read haunted house stories before, but you’ve never read any told this well or that does the creepiness so well.

The Grip of It is featured in our Favorite Fiction of 2017 booklet, is featured on Chicago Review of Books list of The Best Fiction Books of 2017 and received dozens of rave reviews upon its release earlier this year.

We had the opportunity to talk to Jac about The Grip of It, and we also spoke about her kind-of creepy porcelain figurine collection, the joy of re-reading books, and what she likes in a horror story.

Jac recommends the following titles at the end of the episode:

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