Ep. 50: Authors Out Loud – Annie Spence: Dear Fahrenheit 451

If you consider yourself a book lover, bookworm, or bibliophile you will love this week’s author interview. Annie Spence is the author of Dear Fahrenheit 451: A Librarian’s Love Letters and Break-Up Notes to the Books in her Life. This collection of insightful and often hilarious letters to books will rekindle (no ebook device pun intended) your fond feelings towards the written word. It will also triple, maybe even quadruple your reading list, since the last portion of the book consists of cleverly curated booklists.

It’s no surprise Annie is a librarian and her professional experience shapes much of Dear Fahrenheit 451. If you’ve ever wanted a behind the scenes peek into what it’s really like working a reference desk, this is one of the more accurate snapshots into our world.

In this episode Annie talks about the risky business of publishing a book about books, why she became a librarian, and how reading connects us to humanity. Enjoy!

Check out Dear Fahrenheit 451 (also available anytime in audio format via the hoopla app).

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