Genealogy Software Reviews

Are you ready to move from your paper record to a digital system of record keeping? There are many genealogy software programs available and it may be hard to choose the best one for you. Thankfully, professionals and genealogists in the know have put together reviews and comparisons for us. Here are some of the best places to get the scoop on genealogy software:

  • Renee Shipley of Top Ten Reviews website recently reviewed genealogy software in a format similar to Consumer Reports. Each program is evaluated on certain criteria so you can see which programs are better in specific areas.
  • Wikipedia, of all places, has a nice comparison chart of genealogy software
  • CyndisList has a category called “Software & Computers > Articles, Comparisons & Reviews” with links to other articles and websites of relevance.

No matter which software program you go with, make sure that it meets your needs, that you enter only verifiable data, and that you cite your sources!

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