Film and Fiction Suggestions from the Staff

You may have noticed that our libraries were closed this morning for staff training. As a part of our staff training, we shared some of our favorite books, movies, authors, actors, in many different categories. It was a fun, fast event, full of memories and laughter. I’m sure that I missed many great suggestions, but you can enjoy these, or any ask any one of us our favorites next time you are in the library.

The first one that we discussed was: Favorite Childhood Book. This is a great icebreaker topic. Everyone has one, and often the favorite of one person would evoke fond memories in another person. Here’s our list:

How can you look at a list like this without childhood memories?!

There are just some authors and actors who can do no wrong. We’d follow them over a cliff. If you have one of these actors or authors in your life, you know what I’m talking about – you don’t care what the premise of the movie or book is you are going to see it, and probably on the day it comes out. This was a fun one to talk about, even if some of our answers were fairly predictable.

Scariest movie we’ve ever seen:

Funniest Movie:

Best thing we’ve read or seen in 2016:

We had lots of fun training and learning more great suggestions. What are some of yours?

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