Ellen’s Pick of the Week: Before the Fall

before the fallA private jet ferrying eleven people from Martha’s Vineyard back to New York City one summer night  plunges into the water sixteen  minutes after takeoff and only two passengers survive—-Scott Burroughs, a last-minute add to the flight and the ten-year-old son of another passenger, the head of a controversial television news station about to be indicted by the Feds for money laundering. Despite his own injuries,  Burroughs, a gifted artist and a former college swimmer, carries the boy on his back  across the dark waters to Manhattan. In the absence of hard facts, reporters working the 24-hour news cycle hound Burroughs and create nonstop conspiracy stories, which change and deepen as the real facts trickle in from those investigating the accident. Or was it an accident? A bomb, perhaps?

The reader wants to believe that Burroughs is a hero and simply a man caught up in circumstances beyond his control, but the reporters are less interested in the facts than they are in creating a sensational story about his motives and his mysterious last-minute addition to the passenger list. He MUST be guilty of something, right?

This is a great summer read with lots of twists and turns, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for your next airplane trip!HawleyNoah

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