Selfie Sticks at the library…seriously

selfie stick


If only they had thought of the library 😦

That’s right, you read the title correctly. Your library card grants you access to books, movies, music, astronomy binoculars, GoPros, and now….selfie sticks!

You might be asking yourself, “why in the world would a library circulate selfie sticks?” It’s a fair question. But before I answer I should clarify that we’re not just circulating any old selfie stick. We are circulating the state of the art Flexion Wireless Selfie Stick with Bluetooth technology, compatible with most smartphones.

This selfie stick allows a variety of adjustments for those looking to experiment with selfie angles, and the phone harness can be removed so you can attach other devices like digital cameras, camcorders, or even microphones. With a little brainstorming you can see how this simple retractable stick can be used as an extension arm for all sorts of creative purposes!

So why does the library have selfie sticks? As our mission states, we want the library to be a place where you are connected “to resources and experiences that educate, enrich, and inspire.”  Sometimes these resources can take unexpected forms. We circulate digital equipment so our community can learn through hands-on access to technology and be inspired to use the library for creative projects. You might not think a selfie stick could possibly enrich or inspire, but they are a popular technology accessory similar to other tech gear that people are curious to try, like the camera tripods and GoPro headstraps we circulate. They are accessories for creativity and often the intended usage is only the beginning.

Here’s three reasons you might want to try out a selfie stick from the library, even if you’re a skeptic…

1. You want a group photo that includes YOU!

You might cringe at the thought of being the tourist constantly taking selfies in front of every landmark, but what about the occasion where you want that perfect family shot and there’s no one else around to take the picture? You might be surprised how well a selfie stick works for this purpose. I know I was!

It doesn't even look like a selfie!

It doesn’t even look like a selfie!

2. You need a quick and cheap headshot for promotional purposes.

Need a new LinkedIn profile pic? Looking for a job and want a better look for Facebook or Twitter? You can use a selfie stick to get a more professional looking headshot that doesn’t look like you’re stretching your arms out as far as they’ll go. You can take as much time and as many photos as you need until you get it perfect and also, you don’t need to awkwardly ask a friend or relative to take photos of you. Of course, a selfie stick doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a great picture, but with some good lighting, a plain background, and some nice clothes, it can do the trick in a pinch.

3.  Fashion a DIY on-the-go boom mic.

Are you a budding filmmaker? Do you want to experiment with getting better sound in your movie? Maybe you’ve heard that most filmmakers utilize something called a boom mic that someone holds out of the camera’s range directly over the actors to get better sounding dialog. You’ve also heard the library circulates ZOOM handy recorders (more on this in a later post). Well, whaddaya know! The microphone can be screwed onto the end of the selfie stick and voila! You’ve got yourself a quick and portable boom mic thanks to a selfie stick.

ZOOM boom mic

A selfie stick boom mic? Now I’ve seen everything!

So, I hope I’ve encouraged you to “embrace the stick.” Check one out and give it a shot! What have you got to lose? If you do check out a selfie stick, we would love to see some of the pictures you take with it. Feel free to share them with us: or tag us on Instagram @cooklibrary

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