Check Out Astronomy Binoculars at Cook Library!

Cook Memorial Library is now offering a set of astronomy binoculars. What better way to enjoy a summer evening than to observe the night sky! The super-powered binoculars allow close-up viewing of the moon, stars, and nearby planets. The astronomy binoculars kit includes a binder with moon-viewing ideas, information on the night sky, and activities ideal for children in a small group setting. Thanks to the International Observe the Moon Night Organization for this generous gift.


Astronomy binoculars have many advantages for those of all ages interested in examining the night sky. They are mobile, relatively lightweight (about 5 lbs.) and with them you can observe celestial objects with relative ease. A user can sit in a chair with a table or use the tripod included with the binocular kit. This is very useful with uneven terrain. The binoculars are also very easy to use, with only a knob to sharpen your view. The kit included at checkout will offer advice, astronomical information, fun family activities and instructions to better use the binoculars.


Some of the best astronomical targets you will have the chance to see are the Moon, Jupiter, the Milky Way, and the Sagittarius Star clouds. Even if you live in a well-lit area, the binoculars are surprisingly strong in observing the night skies, as the lenses are multi-coated with a low reflection coating. If you wear glasses, you won’t have to remove them to use the binoculars.

The binoculars can’t be reserved, so stop by the Cook Park Children’s Department to see if an Astronomical Binocular Kit is available!

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