Jazz Up That Screencast with ScreenFlow


Recently, we added a nifty program called ScreenFlow to the Digital Studio computers. ScreenFlow is a simple video editor with an emphasis on screencasting. With ScreenFlow you can create professional instructional and presentation videos with ease.

Screencasting is the process of recording your computer screen’s activity. People screencast all the time for demonstration purposes. For example, at your job you might need to train staff on how to use a new computer application. Screencasting allows you to record a demonstration of the application and distribute the video for staff to watch on their own time and refer back to later. If you’ve been tasked with creating a screencast, then ScreenFlow might be for you.

There are lot of screencasting software options out there, so what makes ScreenFlow so special?

ScreenFlow is especially good at combining easy video editing with advanced screencasting features. Often when I’m watching a screencast, I’ll wish I could see the person doing the demonstration, especially if they take a break from demonstrating on the computer screen to talk for a while on the video. Instead of staring at a motionless desktop, I wish I could actually see the instructor talking to me. This is where the advanced video elements of ScreenFlow come into play. With ScreenFlow you can record your computer’s screen AND a video of yourself simultaneously with the computer’s built-in webcam or another camera, then seamlessly edit the two layers together afterwards.

TED-Talks-Logo-1You can begin to see how this might be useful for more than simple screencasting. Maybe there’s a video of you delivering a keynote address to a large group and you want to post it online for others to watch. You had an amazing slideshow to go with the presentation, but it’s hard to see the images in all of their glory. With ScreenFlow, you could import the recorded video, pull the original slideshow up on the computer screen, then use ScreenFlow’s video editor to interweave the actual slideshow with your video. Take that TEDTalks!

ScreenFlow is jammed with an assortment of other features, such as adding video effects and zooming into areas of the computer screen. Check out this teaser video put out by the company and try the software for yourself in the Digital Studios. ScreenFlow is free to use with a Cook Library card! Make a studio reservation.

ScreenFlow 5 – Screencasting and Video Editing Software for Mac from Telestream on Vimeo.

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