Deja Vu for Something New

A piece of advice from the collective wisdom of genealogy: Go back and search again.

The larger databases like and FamilySearch are continually adding new material to their sites, so if you don’t go back and search them from time to time, you could miss out on a big find.

Case in point. I have been searching for my great-grandfather’s birth place in Germany for years. Recently, I went back to FamilySearch and searched my great grandfather’s name, John Graf, born in 1873 in Wurttemburg, a province of Germany.

And holey schmoley, look what the results yielded:

There it is, Schrozberg, John Graf’s birth place, in a record that had never come up before. Am I ever glad I went back and searched again. A whole new avenue of research has opened up. Stay tuned for more!
~Happy searching,

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