Passenger Lists

At our last Genealogy Writing Group we also talked about passenger lists, immigration, and finding the “holy grail” of genealogy: the home town or parish in the country of origin. I don’t have any magic tricks for answering this question; usually finding immigration information is the result of lots of hard, diligent work.

But we can always use more tools in our toolbox, right? In our discussion we mentioned the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild website. The name pretty much says it all: the website is made up of transcribed passenger lists from immigrant ships. There is a search box or you can look by year through “volumes” for your immigrant’s name.

I’m sure we will have additional posts regarding immigration. If you have any good immigration research sites you have used, let us know. And by all means, if you find someone on the passenger list, share your good news in the comment section. We’d love to hear about it!


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