Delicious-ly Saving Your Bookmarks

I have mentioned this web site several times at our Networking Group meetings and I think it’s worth a post here. is a very useful and helpful website that will let you keep track of your important web pages and give you access to them wherever you are.

It works like this: Go to and register for a free account: provide your name, email, make up a username and password, and you are ready to go.

  • Whenever you come across a website that you want to come back to, save the link in Delicious.
  • Add “tags” that describe the website so you can find it again.
  • You can make comments that will remind you why you liked this site in the first place or that will help you use the site.
  • You can make a site public or private. Public bookmarks can be seen by other Delicious users. I use the private feature when I bookmark a site that has a password, and I put the password in the comments section.

So how can this help with genealogy?

  • When you bookmark a website with Delicious, you will be able to access it from any computer, whether you’re at home, at the library, or at any computer anywhere.
  • Many digitized books (such as are found on the HathiTrust website) do not allow printing, but you can save the link. I add notes in the comments of my bookmarks to remind me which pages are relevant or why the book is important to my research.
  • Public bookmarks are searchable so you can search other people’s bookmarks and find sites that were helpful to them.

Give Delicious a try today and report back on how you use it. Happy bookmarking!

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